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Bachelor’s and master’s studies

Currently offered topics of master theses

FST – faculty of mechanical engineering

List of topics by supervisors

FAV – Faculty of applied sciences

List of topics by supervisors

Currently solved theses

diploma theses

Bc. Michal Matějka, Properties and utilization of high emissivity thermographic paints for non-contact temperature measurement in additive technologies (FST/KTO)

Vyučované předměty

FAV – KFY/MFTMeasurement in physical technologiesprof. Ing. Milan Honner, PhD.
FAV – KFY/MTPModeling of thermal processes in physical technologiesIng. Zdeněk Veselý, Ph.D.
FST – KTO/LTELaser machining and material processing technologiesDoc. Ing. Jiří Martan, Ph.D.