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Cooperation offer

Measurement of your material samples 

Do you develop materials with photo-thermal functional properties? Would you like to know which material is the best for your application?

  • We can analyse samples of your materials.
Measuring methods overview

Development of new methods to measure your samples

We are working on the development of new measurement methods to analyse your samples. Currently, these include:

  • measurement of the spectral transmitance of materials as a function of temperature
  • measurement of thermal conductivity of thin films

Would you be interested in the output of such measurements? Would you like to be part of the pilot verification? Would you specify the research assignment so that the result could be better applied?

Development of your measurement methods for your laboratories

Do you want to analyse the photo-thermal properties of the materials yourself? Would you like to create a new laboratory arrangement?

Do you focus on heating the samples and measuring their temperature?

  • We can advise you or come up with a complete technical solution

Contact us and we will arrange details of our cooperation

    Our solution

    Our measurement methods use infrared radiation. Individual methods are implemented either inside or outside the spectrometer sample space. The radiation sources are halogen lamps, black bodies, or samples themselves. We use continuous-wave lasers to heat samples. The accurate temperature determination is based on the use of infrared cameras and reference thermographic coatings. Measurement parameters and evaluation methods are optimized according to the analysed samples.

    Measuring methods overview

    Benefits of our methods

    • for layers and coatings
      the methods are designed to measure coatings and thin films, taking into account characteristics such as radiationtransmittance or temperature gradient
    • determination of absolute value
      the output is absolute values of properties even for methods based on comparison with the standard
    • determination of measurement uncertainty
      result in the form of the course of the value of the relevant quantity complemented by measurement uncertainty
    • samples of different shapes and sizes
      possibility to choose from several variants and facilitate the preparation of samples
    • measurement according to the standards
      ASTM E1980 (calculation of SRI – Solar Reflectivity Index), ASTM E903 (measurement of solar absorptivity, reflectance, and transmittance), ASTM E408 (measurement of total emissivity), ČSN EN 17502 (Leather – determination of surface reflectance)

    Recent Publications

    • Z. Veselý, P. Honnerová, M. Hruška, L. Nedvědová, M. Honner Analysis of laser surface absorptivity modification for selective laser hardening International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Vol. 200, 2024, 108982

    • A. Mackova, V. Havránek, R. Mikšová, S. Fernandes, J. Matejicek, H. Hadraba, M. Vilemová, M. O. Liedke, J. Martan, M. Vronka, P. Hausild, M. Butterling, P. Honnerová, A. G. Attalah And F. Lukac Radiation damage evolution in High Entropy Alloys (HEAs) caused by 3–5 MeV Au and 5 MeV Cu ions in a broad range of dpa in connection to mechanical properties and internal morphology Nuclear Materials and Energy, Vol. 37, 2023, 101510

    • A. Schmailzl, J. Käsbauer, J. Martan, P. Honnerová, F. Schäfer, M. Fichtl, T. Lehrer , J. Tesař, M. Honner, S. Hierl Measurement of core temperature through semitransparent polyamide 6 using scanner/integrated pyrometer in laser welding International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 146, 2020, 118814, 2020

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    • P. Honnerová, Z. Veselý, M. Honner Experimental mathematical model as a generalization of sensitivity analysis of high temperature spectral emissivity measurement method Measurement, Vol. 90, 2016, pp. 475-482

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    Schunk Xycarb Ceramics bv, Netherlands

    Emissivity analysis of coatings at high temperatures.

    Aremco, USA

    Analysis of optical properties of coatings at high and room temperatures.

    Škoda auto Mladá Boleslav, CZ

    Analysis of thermal conductivity of bulk materials.

    AVČR, Ústav jaderné fyziky, CZ

    Analysis of thermal conductivity of surface materials.

    Lasselsberger, s.r.o., CZ

    Frentech Aerospace s.r.o., CZ

    Kingspan a.s., CZ

    Selected dissertations

    • Petra Vacíková – Measurement of spectral emissivity of high temperature coatings supervisor Doc. Ing. Milan Honner, Ph.D. (defended 2013)
    • Vladislav Lang – Temperature dependences of physical properties of monolithic and structured materials supervisor Prof. Ing. Josef Kuneš, DrSc. (defended 2007)
    • Jiří Martan – Thermo-kinetic model of laser-material interaction in the form of criteria equations supervisor Prof. Ing. Josef Kuneš, DrSc. (defended 2006)

    Selected patents

    • Washable high-emissivity color for non-contact measurement of object temperature by detection of infrared radiation and usage procedure of the color  (CZ: Smývatelná emisivní barva pro bezkontaktní měření teplot objektů detekcí infračerveného záření a postup použití této barvy).  Utility model with patent application – national; app. no. 2015-661; doc. No. 307047, reg. date 24.09.2015; Owner: Západočeská univerzita, Plzeň, CZ; Authors: Michal Švantner
    • Measurement of surface emissivity distribution of material surface ( CZ and PCT)
    • Method of measuring the total emissivity of material surfaces, type: national, application: 2012-175, document number: 306316, registration date: 13.3.2012, publication date: 25.9.2013, date of granting the patent: 19.10.2016, date of publication of the patent: 30.11.2016, owner: University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, authors: Milan Honner, Zdeněk Veselý.

    Our story

    Twenty years ago, the knowledge of emissivity necessary for the development of our non-contact temperature measurement applications led us to set up the first simple method with a heating plate, thermocouple, and thermal camera. Nowadays, our main focus is the measurement of the photo-thermal properties of materials. As part of various projects, we develop new methods and measure material samples for customers from all over the world.

    The development of emissivity measuring methods led us to the development of thermographic paints LabIR. We have further developed our methods for the measurement of coatings used at high temperatures in various power systems. We also focused on materials exposed to solar heat, especially in construction. At present, we want to use this experience to analyse new materials for concentrated solar power plants.