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Cooperation offer

Development of measuring methods for industrial technologies

The offered cooperation relates to the use of measuring systems for optimization, monitoring, or control of thermal process and technologies where the desired thermal influence of material occurs, such as laser material processing technologies, thermal spray technologies, 3D printing, PVD/CVD coating, thermal food processing, etc.

Would you like to know how to determine the distribution of temperatures, heat fluxes, or heat transfers in your technology? Do you want to buy a measuring device or provide measuring services? We can advise you on the choice of measuring method or specific device. We can visit your workplace and measure your processes.

Development of laboratory heating devices

The offered cooperation relates to the laboratory heating of samples in connection with the research of the behaviour of materials depending on temperature, i.e. the research activities focused on changes in structure, chemical composition, and various properties depending on temperature, or research into thermal degradation of materials. It also addresses the need to heat material samples in laboratory deposition equipment, which includes sample preheating or thermal modification during material formation processes.

Would you like to create a new laboratory arrangement? Would you like to know how to heat samples and measure their temperature? We can advise you or deliver complete technical solutions – Or we can arrange tests of the thermal behaviour of material samples in our application laboratories.

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    Our solution

    Our heating solutions are based on the use of infrared lasers or lamps. We use mirrors, fibers, or semi-permeable materials to direct the infrared rays onto the heated material. These methods are commonly used in laser welding or heat treatment technologies.

    For the correct setting and control of the thermal process, we use thermal cameras or special infradetectors, which measure the spatial distribution and time course of the surface temperature of the heated material. Contactless measurement is usually combined with the use of contact temperature sensors and the application of thermographic paints.

    Benefits of our methods

    • contactless processes
      Heating and temperature measurements are carried out remotely, it is even possible to heat a sample through a window, for example in a vacuum chamber.
    • homogeneous heating
      Space-time distribution of infrared sources can compensate for heat losses and achieve a homogeneous temperature of heated objects of various shapes.
    • local heating
      Local heating effects can be achieved in precisely defined areas thanks to spreading, focusing, or moving the sources.
    • rapid temperature changes
      Infrared sources have no inertia, therefore, it is possible to carry out rapid temperature changes, for example, to simulate shocks or thermal cycling.
    • thermal process monitoring
      Thanks to the means of quantitative thermography, it is possible to record and evaluate (on-line/off-line) the spatial distribution and time course of temperatures, gradients, flow, or heat transfers.
    • high-temperature processes
      The use of contactless measurement and heating methods can be suitably used for applications with high temperatures and high heat fluxes.

    Selected Publications

    • Anton Schmailzl, Johannes Käsbauer, Jiří Martan, Petra Honnerová, Felix Schäfer, Maximilan Fichtl, Tobias Lehrer, Jiří Tesař, Milan Honner, Stefan Hierl, Measurement of core temperature through semi-transparent polyamide 6 using scanner-integrated pyrometer in laser welding, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Volume 146, 2020

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    Continental Barum s.r.o., CZ



    Pilsen Steel, CZ

    Selected dissertations

    • Marek Vostřák – Charakterizace tepelných procesů při laserovém přetavování povlaků školitel, Doc. Ing. Milan Honner, Ph.D. (obhájil 2018)

    • Jiří Tesař – Termografie v plazmových a laserových technologiích, školitel Doc. Ing. Milan Honner, Ph.D. (obhájil 2014)

    • Ondřej Cibulka – Nerovnovážné šíření tepla ve fyzice technologických procesů školitel, Prof. Ing. Josef Kuneš, DrSc. (obhájil 2008)

    • Pavel Litoš – Měření emisivity a teplotních polí ve fyzikálních technologiích, školitel Prof. Ing. Josef Kuneš, DrSc. (obhájil 2006)

    Selected patents

    • Method of laser beam writing with shifted laser surface texturing, type: international, application number: PCT / IB2015 / 000807, document number: WO / 2016/189344, publication date: 01.12.2016, International Filing Date: 28.05.2015, owner: University of West Bohemia, granted patent in the USA, authors: Kučera Martin, Moskal Denys, Martan Jiří.

    • Milan Honner: Method and device for on-line control of remote transmission laser welding of materials, App. No: 2012-176

    Our story

    In 2000, we left the Škoda Plzeň Research Department and joined NTC. We continue the long-established tradition of research into heating in industrial furnaces and technologies of heat treatment of large forgings and workpieces. Over time, we have carried out activities focused on local surface treatment technologies and lasers heating. For twenty years, we have been investigating different methods of material heating as part of our research into methods of measuring the optical and thermal properties of materials, as well as methods of active thermography.  Nowadays, we can offer the acquired knowledge and experience to other scientific institutions.

    Our collaborations in the automotive industry are focused on the determination of heat balances and heat transfers through vehicle structures for the design of heating and air conditioning systems. Over time, we focused our attention on human heat and the use of measurement systems for various applications.