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Cooperation offer

Thermodiagnostics of people

The offered cooperation includes: 

  • hygienic and anti-epidemic applications of thermographic measurement to detect persons with elevated body temperature as an indication of infectious disease, 
  • medical applications of thermographic measurement to determine the health of a person or a local problem by the distribution of temperature on the body surface. 

Are you looking for a suitable solution? Do you decide between the offers of different manufacturers? Are you looking for new opportunities?

  • We can advise you or develop a unique measuring system. Our application laboratories are available for practical verification.
  • Contact us. We will be happy to be your technical partner.

Thermodiagnostics of machines and equipment

The cooperation offered relates to the needs of thermal diagnostics in the context of preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment when a fault manifests itself through a temperature rise.

Are you looking for a suitable solution? Do you decide between the offers of different manufacturers? – We can advise you and we can together design a methodology for the effective use of infrared cameras for your application. We can develop a sensory solution, which does not require human intervention. There are numerous forms of cooperation. – Contact us.

Thermodiagnostics of technical processes

The offered cooperation concerns production processes sensors, where non-standard behaviour is manifested by an increase in temperature (heat accumulation).

Would like to know how to set the optimal parameters of a production process? Would you like to know how to diagnose non-standard situations of a technological process?
We can visit you and find the solution with the help of our measuring systems. We can design a permanent measuring system for your machines.

Thermodiagnostics of non-technical processes

The offered cooperation focuses on sensors for thermal processes occurring naturally in the environment. More specifically, it focuses on the measurement of time courses and spatial temperature distribution in environmental protection, agriculture, urban planning, etc.

Would like to know how to solve thermodiagnostic tasks that do not fall within your expertise? Would like to know how to select or use a measuring device? – We are here for you as your technical partner for thermodiagnostics in non-technical applications. Contact us.

Contact us!

    Our solution

    Our solutions are based on measuring the time course and spatial distribution of the intensity of thermal radiation emitted by the scanned surface. Depending on the type of application, we use infradetectors as separate sensors or matrix infradetectors in the form of infrared cameras.

    We focus on the hardware layout of the measuring system and the evaluation algorithms. We also deal with the calibration and determination of emissivity of measured materials.

    Benefits of our methods

    • contactless
      The measurement is performed by detecting infrared radiation at a certain distance from the measured surface.
    • accurate temperature determination
      Thanks to our on-line or off-line calibration methodologies, we are able to measure temperatures with great accuracy (beyond the accuracies declared by the manufacturers of measuring technologies).
    • surface temperature distribution
      The output of the measurement is the spatial temperature distribution (the so-called thermogram).
    • speed
      We focus on measuring the time course of a thermal process taking place in nanoseconds.
    • credibility
      We use our methods for measuring the photo-thermal properties of materials and our thermographic paints with precisely defined properties. 

    Recent Publications

    • Švantner M., Lang V., Skála J., Kohlschütter T., Šroub J., Muzika L., Klepáček J., Honner M., Thermographic device with a calibrating element for enhanced precision of human temperature measurement, Infrared Physics & Technology, 137, 105176, 2024.

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    Selcted References

    Škoda auto Mladá Boleslav
    Czech Republic

    AP Racing
    United Kingdom

    Plzeňský Prazdroj a.s.
    Czech Republic

    Selected dissertations

    • Denys Moskal – Termofyzikální procesy a metody laserového skenování s ultrakrátkými pulzy v povrchovém strukturování, školitel Doc. Ing. Milan Honner, Ph.D. (defended 2020) 
    • Petr Litoš – Optické vláknové snímače a infradetektory ve fyzice technologických procesů, školitel Prof. Ing. Josef Kuneš, DrSc. (defended 2008)

    Selected patents

    • Equipment for thermographic temperature measurement (submitted 2021 in the Czech Republic, PCT subsequently)
    • Method of control and management of pulsed laser micro-processing and equipment for performing this method (submitted 2021 in the Czech Republic, EU 2023)

    Our story

    We have purchased our first infrared camera in 2001 and since then we have been involved in the non-contact measurement of temperatures and temperature fields. With the growing number of different infrared cameras, we have moved from a user-driven approach to the development of our own LabIR software and infrared cameras. We are experts in the development of solutions requiring accurate and fast temperature determination.

    We dealt with thermodiagnostics of brake systems and the formation of hot spots during intensive braking, to name a few. We developed methodologies for measuring heat fluxes from fires. We are pushing the boundaries concerning the measurement of very fast processes in micromachining technologies with powerful pulsed lasers. And the coronavirus epidemic started our research in medical thermodiagnostics.