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Custom measurement

Measurement methods overview

Computed quantities TemperaturesSpectral range
SNEHTemissivityx250 – 1000°C1.38 – 26 um
EDEHTemissivity x100 – 1000°C7.5 – 14 um
SNHRRTreflectance absorptivity, emissivity 25°C0.32 – 1.2 um a 1.5 – 20 um
SNHTRTtransmittanceabsorptivity, emissivity (in combination with SNHRRT method)25°C0.32 – 1.2 um a 1.5 – 20 um
SDRRTreflectance x25°C1.5 – 20 um
SNTRTtransmittancex25°C0.38 – 28.5 um

Our approach


The methods used are the result of our research and development. The uniqueness of the methods is presented in publications in international journals.


We perform extensive tests of our developed methods. The measurement results are verified using interlaboratory comparison tests.


Our sample measurement procedures are standardized so we can offer a quick response to your request, depending on the current capacity of the laboratory.


We offer standardized measurement of your samples or development of a measuring system tailored for your application.