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Bachelor theses

  • Measurement of thermal processes in laser technologies (doc. Martan)
  • Analysis of photo-thermal properties of materials in machining and 3D printing technologies (Dr. Veselý)

Master theses 

  • Laser micro-machining and its diagnostics (doc. Martan)
  • Thermodiagnostics of processes in laser 3D printing technologies of metals (prof. Honner)
  • Modification of photo-thermal properties of components in machining and 3D printing technologies (Dr. Veselý)

Doctoral theses

  • Thermo-diagnostics of laser micro-technologies of material processing (doc. Martan)
  • Modification of optical properties of materials by laser technologies (doc. Martan, Dr. Veselý)
  • Measurement of thermal properties of coatings and material surfaces using pulsed lasers (doc. Martan)

Theses’ Supervisors 

Contact us to discuss the details.



Benefits for students:

  • cutting-edge scientific laboratory
  • work in an international team
  • possibility of a paid internship and practical experience
  • contract work for international companies
  • participation in international conferences
  • possibility of publication in prestigious magazines

Next steps:

  1. Choose from the list of currently offered topics.
  2. Contact us during May, we will make an appointment and discuss the topic.
  3. Register for the topic at by the 1st of June
  4. You will then work together with your supervisor on the specification of the topic assignment by the 15th of October.  


,,NTC has many state-of-the-art devices that you simply can’t work with anywhere else. You can design your own experiments and consult real experts on all problems related to your final thesis.”

Ing. Lukáš Muzika, PhD.

Dr. Muzika is a current postdoctoral fellow at NTC UWB. During his studies, he created a patented technology for the non-destructive measurement of spot welds – LabIR SpotWELD.