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Project ADVENTURE – Advanced coating substrate preparation by shifted and ultrafast laser texturing

Project Title

Advanced coating substrate preparation by shifted and ultrafast laser texturing (project acronym ADVENTURE)

Identification code


Funding provider

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR)


Cofund M-ERA.NET 2 Call 2020 / EPSILON

Project Coordinator

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen / New Technologies – Research Centre


Research and Testing Institute Pilsen (VZU)

Institute of Plasma Physics of CAS (IPP)

Laserinstitut Hochschule Mittweida of UASM (LHM) – funded by the Saxon Ministry of the Arts and Science (SMWK) under the EuProNet Programme within the M-ERA.NET Cofund Call

Project start


Project end


Project objectives

The primary aim of the ADVENTURE project is to strengthen the Thermal Spraying (TS) coating technology by introduction of the Laser Surface Texturing (LST), a clean, flexible, reproducible, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient technology, to the substrate preparation.


Thermal spray (TS) coating technology enables creation of functional surfaces with excellent properties for wide range of applications and products. Currently, grit blasting is standard for TS substrate preparation, but it is limited by low reproducibility, residues causing functional failure, substrate materials and production of dust. The ADVENTURE project aims to strengthen the TS technology by introducing laser surface texturing (LST) for substrate preparation as clean, flexible and reproducible method. The goals are up-scaling of LST method, development of innovative coating-substrate interfaces and functional testing in TS. Potential applications of the project results are in high added-value components, i.e., for space, aircraft, medical or power industry. Project´s impact will be high productivity and reliability of LST, improved adhesion, lifetime and reliability of coated parts, new coating possibilities and reduced dust pollution and grit material consumption.

Total project cost

11 831 776 CZK