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Project MEDEPOZ — Methodology for rapid non-contact and non-destructive detection of gunshot emissions

Project Title

MEDEPOZ – Methodology for rapid non-contact and non-destructive detection of gunshot emissions (project acronym MEDEPOZ)

Identification code


Funding provider

Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic


Open Calls in Security Research 2023-2029 (OPSEC)

Project Coordinator

University of West Bohemia in Pilsen / New Technologies – Research Centre


Criminal Investigation Institute Prague, Police of the Czech Republic
The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

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Project end



The project responds to the requirements of forensic practice and forensic analyzes in the field of gunshot emissions detection and shooting distance determination. Currently used methods are time-consuming and destructive – i.e. unrepeatable on the examined sample. Moreover, with the absence of lead in modern “non-toxic” ammunition, the need to find new methods of detecting gunshot emissions becomes even more important. The intention of the project is therefore to use the current capabilities of progressive optical infrared measurement and visualization methods, which are laboratory verified (TRL4) and which offer new possibilities for quickly, non-contact and non-destructive measurement of the surface distribution of gunshot emissions and with the help of artificial intelligence and image analysis methods to visualize characteristic scattering figures for effective determination of unknown shooting distance. The main goal of the project is to find suitable methods of investigating the shooting distance and to create a methodology for the application of the found methods in forensic practice. The sub-goals are (i) specification of suitable technical equipment in the form of documents for the construction of a relevant user workplace, (ii) specification of recommended measurement and evaluation procedures, including the creation of user software, (iii) documenting the results of experimental verification of the methodology under the conditions of normal forensic practice, on a spectrum of different fabrics, types of ammunition and usual contamination and (iv) training of relevant workers – future users. The project thus fulfills the goals and focus of subprogramme 1, part (A) Modern tools of forensic examination across disciplines.

Total project cost

37 935 897 CZK