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  • New results on heat accumulation in laser surface processing

    Read our new paper „Inverse dependence of heat accumulation on pulse duration in laser surface processing with ultrashort pulses“ in the Heat Transfer journal in which Denys Moskal, Jiří Martan et. al. have introduced their unexpected findings measured by a unique LabIR Ultrashort method.

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  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic

    At the meeting at the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, representatives of the Czech Association of Technical Diagnosticians (ATD ČR, z.s.) presented to the Minister of Health Prof. Vlastimil Válek current possibilities of using thermodiagnostics in health care.

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  • Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting 2023

    Our researcher Jiří Martan attended the Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting 2023, where he discussed photonics call topics for the second half of Horizon Europe.

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