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Project ESA Contract AO/1-9843/19/NL/GLC: Non-Contact NDI for Polymer Composite Structures

Project Title

Non-Contact NDI for Polymer Composite Structures

Identification code


Funding provider

ESA/ESAC – European Space Agency

Prime contractor
OPTIMAL Structural Solutions Lda

EireComposites (Ireland)
OPTONOR (Norway)
SCSD (Denmark)
University of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)
University of Limerick via ICOMP (Ireland)

Project start


Project end


Project goals

The main objective of this activity is the development/demonstration of the applicability, within a defined reliability, of Non-Contact methods in Non-Destructive Inspection; in order to detect defects/damages in fiber reinforced composite structural parts, in an assembly and without the need of dismantling.